Wednesday, May 29, 2013

M. C. Escher Inspired Drawing

This project was inspired by an artist named M. C. Escher. Escher created very abstract pieces, and they normally leave the reader thinking. We were asked to come up with a drawing that resembled the works of Escher, and included a two or three point perspective building. I'll admit, this one took me a while to come up with a composition for. I wanted it to make the viewer think about the layout and what was going on within the drawing. I finally came up with an idea. My perspective building was in three point perspective, and it was a small house held up by four stilts and rope. The mountains, ocean, and fish make the viewer think that it is placed on Earth. But, when the viewer looks into the sky, you can see Earth in the distance and Earth's moon behind it. This portrays that it is on a completely different planet.
   When I was constructing the mountains, I really wanted them to stand out, because most of the focus was going to be on the house. I decided to incorporate value into the mountains by shading and blending out parts of the mountains that I wanted to represent ledges, cliffs, etc., so that it looked more three-dimensional. I used this same method on Earth and the moon. This was my favorite project because out of all of them, it allowed the artist to really put in a good creative effort.

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