Art 2 Final Portfolio

1) I think my most successful project was my Up Close And Personal project, in which I created a piece that displayed a setting from one of my favorite songs, When The Day Met The Night by Panic! At The Disco. I chose to incorporate lots of contrast into this piece, which I believe really helped make it one of my best pieces. The contrast catches the eye, and the viewer can almost feel the story behind the two very different environments that are portrayed in the picture. The man and woman in the picture live in two different worlds, almost everything about the two settings are polar opposites. Yet, you can see the man and the woman are still close. The connection between them can literally be seen in this piece. That's why I think it came out as one of my best, because it's a very powerful and emotional piece that everybody has the ability to understand.

 2) My 3D/Proportion project was, in it's own way, very challenging to complete. I had to find a substance I could use to easily stick the marshmallows together, which ended up being impossible. This was because the issue was not the glue/tape I was trying to use, it was the marshmallows themselves. The surface of the marshmallow rips very easily and because of its round shape, it ends up sliding away when you try to glue it to another. I really wanted to project to be completed, so I spent extra time at home gluing each individual marshmallow and holding it there until it dried. It took me two days just to finish the bottom layer of the snowman. Although the experience was difficult, I was really happy with the way it turned out. Pushing through the difficulty ended up being worth the outcome, and I'm glad I completed it instead of giving up. It made me a better artist my showing me through experience that "the hard is what makes it great" (A League Of Their Own).
3) These two projects really show how I have improved in comparison to earlier artwork. I used to find it difficult to come up with creative ideas for my artwork, and I think that was because in Art 1 I was given a specific project and told to complete it. There wasn't much room to come up with your own ideas, but now that we're actually allowed to incorporate some of our own ideas into our pieces, I've been able to practice coming up with more of my own creative ideas. These two pieces are examples of how my creative ability has grown throughout this class. They are both creative in very different ways. The portrait of Elton John was creative in the aspect that I came up with the idea to use coffee grounds as a medium. It's such a foreign substance to art that I'm surprised I came up with it myself, but it paid off because the pigmentation was really strong, so it worked quite well. The Coraline portrait was creative in the idea that I actually changed the plot of the movie itself to create the 'Sticky Situation' factor. She ends up freeing herself from the Other Mother in the movie, but I changed it so that it shows the Other Mother successfully sewed buttons on to Coraline's eyes. These pieces also demonstrate the fact that I've improved in accurately representing someone's face. The facial features on both of the pieces are extremely close to the real things, which I used to not be so good at. 

 4) As you can tell from my answer in question 3, my experience in Art 1 wasn't great because my teacher didn't allow me to really do anything I wanted to when it came to the composition of my pieces. I was almost considering not moving on to Art 2, because I thought I was just going to be told what to do for every piece again. In my opinion, to call anything art, it has to be even just a little bit original. It wasn't very fun for me to create art that I didn't have a say in. But I'm really glad that I did go to Art 2, and now I even want to move on to Art 3. The fact that I was basically allowed to do whatever I wanted when it came to coming up with ideas for my pieces allowed me to incorporate my own ideas and creativity into the them, like how I came up with the stories behind my pieces like in my Coraline portrait and my Up Close And Personal project. This teaching/learning method also allowed me to take risks and use materials that I hadn't ever used before, I even used foreign materials such as the coffee grounds in my Elton John piece and the marshmallows in my snowman sculpture, which really helped me get a better understanding as to how different materials work. This method of teaching actually changed my perspective on how art classes were at AHS, and I like this perspective a whole lot more.

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