Monday, October 28, 2013

Sticky Situation/Repetition Project

    For this project, I took the idea of "Sticky Situation" and applied it to Henry Selick's movie "Coraline" (which is my all time favorite movie). In order to make this relevant to the piece that I wanted to do, I had to twist the plot a little to correctly portray the idea of a sticky situation. In the plot of Coraline, this 'other mother' is plotting to sew buttons on Coraline's eyes and eat her, yet Coraline manages to escape this fate. In my piece, the sticky situation is that the 'other mother' actually DID succeed in sewing buttons onto Coraline's eyes. I would say that I was required to think outside the box when creating this piece, due to the fact that I had to alter the plot of a completely different situation in order for it to work with my idea. Repetition was applied through the background, with the repeating deep green and purple stripes (which is actually a background used in the film).
    I used acrylic paint on a canvas in order to achieve my piece, which was good all around for me I'd say. Mostly because I am literally terrible at watercolors, and I have experience with acrylic paints, because I work on acrylic landscape paintings on my own time. One of my favorite things about acrylic paints is that it can be easily reapplied to an area that you painted improperly. You can add layers upon layers of acrylic paint. Acrylic paint was also a successful choice for this piece because in the film "Coraline", the colors are very solid because of its cartoon-like appearance. Acrylic paint provides very pigmented color choices which makes it easier to paint block colors.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Up Close and Personal Project

    This project, Up Close and Personal (with a focus on emphasis), was really cool for me for a few reasons. One of them was that I had some really cool ideas I wanted to try out. Another was that we were incorporating color into the piece, which meant I had a plethora of different mediums to choose from. Ironically, the idea that I decided on was not in color. I took a risk in doing that because it was against the strict laws applied by Lord Sands. I was debating between two ideas. One was an eye with fingers climbing out the bottom of it. It actually looked pretty cool, the emphasis factor focused on the unusual aspect that there were fingers coming out of the eye, but in the end I went for the second idea I had, which was a bit more personal. Not towards just the project, but for me as well.
    The idea that I chose was based off of one of my favorite songs, When The Day Met The Night by Panic! at the Disco. The fact that this is one of my favorite songs makes it personal to me. The interesting thing about me choosing this is that I hadn't thought about the idea until I was listening to the song while working on the eye idea. The premise of the song is that "the moon" (a girl) falls in love with "the sun"(a boy). The song is about them meeting and falling in love. I wanted to find a way to draw this. I thought about the contrast between the two ideas, and I thought the best way to display it was to literally draw a line between the situations. Mr. Sands came up with the idea of drawing the moon in white on a black background, and the opposite for the sun. The contrasting backgrounds looked SO cool (thank you Mr. Sands!) I was super satisfied with this piece.