Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ceramics Project

    During this project, our teacher asked us to create ceramic bowls. This was done using clay, which was out medium. A medium is the substance an artist uses to create their artwork. My bowl is about 8 inches long and 2 inches deep. We had the option of using two "hump" or "slump" methods to create the shape of our bowl. I used hump, which is where you lay the clay on top of a bowl to create the dented shape of a bowl. The other method was laying the clay inside the bowl so that it is slumped inside. We used radial designs to incorporate decoration and design into our bowls. A radial design is a type of design where everything is extending from the center. One we finished our design and our form, we put a glaze on it and then put it into a kiln at a very hot temperature, so that the clay will be completely dry and the glaze will shine. We used a food-safe glaze, so the bowls are non-toxic and safe to eat out of.
    Once we took our bowls home, I had to come up with a use for it. I chose to use it as a bowl to hold my earrings, because I didn't have a place to hold them. Because of this project, I learned how to create useful bowls and ceramic items. I learned to create a radial design, and I learned how clay can be used to make objects. If I was to repeat this project, I would have put more red on the bowl. I thought it would look cleaner and prettier with it being all white, but I think if I had added some red into it that it would have looked better.

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