Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's The Point?

    During this art project, we were requested to create a piece that represented the phrase "What's The Point?". This could be taken literally or figuratively. It could range anywhere from drawing the point of a knife to creating a piece that contemplates the point of something like religion. When creating this project, I wanted to lean more towards the figurative side, because I like art that gets you thinking. We also had to incorporate contrast into our piece. I narrowed it down to two ideas that I wanted to try out. They were a drawing of a sea urchin, or a drawing that represented the idea 'what's the point of countries'. I decided on the second one because John Lennon is a big inspiration of mine, and in his song Imagine, he talks about what would happen if there were no countries, which gets me thinking about why they exist in the first place.
    When choosing a medium, I decided that the best medium to portray contrast is charcoal. I actually took a risk when choosing this medium because I was used to using charcoal blocks and blending it easily with my finger rather than a charcoal pencil, but the drawing needed fine lines so I went with a 2B (Medium) charcoal pencil. I was actually very happy with the way it turned out, because it could draw fine lines and blend well at the same time. In order to create even more contrast, I put 9 flags of different countries right next to each other to create one big flag. It shows that all countries should be unified and the countries being right next to each other create contrast between the countries.
    The message that I am conveying in this piece is that having separate countries only keep us apart, and that we should eliminate the idea of countries and replace if with one unified Earth. I believe that John Lennon is right when he said that without countries, we would have 'nothing to kill or die for'. If we just were to combine all of the countries we would have less hate.