Wednesday, May 29, 2013


    During this project, our class was asked to go outside of class and take an expressive photograph. This was one of my favorite projects we did during this class. It was very different than what we do in class normally, and was a really cool experience. Me and my partner Hannah went outside to take this picture. You can see how the background vanishes to one point behind where I am standing. This is called the vanishing point. The railroad tracks seem to go on forever, which I thought made the photo very interesting. 
    Once I decided that this was the composition that I wanted to use, we took the picture and added it to our dropbox accounts online. We then added the photo to a computer program called photoshop so that we could change it to monochromatic format (black and white). Photoshop is used to edit and alter pictures and photographs.While in photoshop, we used effects like burn and dodge to alter the lightness and darkness of our photos. I was able to use the burn effect to brighten my face so that it didn't appear so dark.

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