Tuesday, January 7, 2014

3D/Proportion Project

    For this art project, we were given the assignment to create a 3D figure that had to have something to do with proportion and something questionable. I decided to make a snowman out of jumbo marshmallows, the project was close to the holiday season so I decided it was fitting. It's pretty questionable, because the creation of marshmallows was purely for the purpose of making them burn whereas snow melts when exposed to heat. I made it small, so it was out of proportion to a normal sized snowman.
    Creating it was difficult. I used elmer's glue to fasten the marshmallows together, but you had to hold them together until it was COMPLETELY dry, so that aspect of it was very time consuming. Also, sometimes the glue would be dried, but the outer part of the marshmallow would tear off (as you can imagine, this project resulted in the wasting of more than just one marshmallow). I layered up the marshmallows to the shape of a snowman. Once I had completed the structure of the body, I used construction paper and marker to create the facial features, arms, buttons, and broom. Those were very easy to make and put on the snowman. 

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